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The Wells Free School

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Please use this page to contact us or email us. Please contact the school office to request paper copies of information published on our website. 
If you prefer, telephone the school on 01892 739075 and your call may be answered by any member of our administrative team.


The Wells Free School,
King Charles Square,
Tunbridge Wells,


To report your child's absence
Tel: 01892 739075 - Option 1
email: admissions@thewellsfreeschool.co.uk

To contact the School Office
Tel: 01892 739075 - Option 2
email: office@thewellsfreeschool.co.uk

To contact the Finance Office
Tel: 01892 739075 - Option 3
email: sbm@thewellsfreeschool.co.uk

To contact the SENCO
Tel: 01892 739075 - Option 4
email: senco@thewellsfreeschool.co.uk

Miss Akehurst is the SENCO at The Wells Free School. This is a part time role, meaning that Miss Akehurst is only available on Tuesday (all day), Wednesday (all day), Thursday (all day) and Friday (morning) each week.

To contact Admissions
Tel: 01892 739075 - Option 5
email: admissions@thewellsfreeschool.co.uk

Ms Harris, our Admissions and Attendance Officer, is available Monday-Friday 8.30 am to 11.30 am.

To contact Honey Bee Club
Tel: 01892 739075 - Option 6

To contact Governors
email: clerk@thewellsfreeschool.co.uk

For any urgent matters, please email Mrs Le Page at the following address: 



The Wells Free School has very limited parking therefore please allow time when visiting to park locally and walk to King Charles Square.  Our reception staff are very happy to assist with anyone who requires help delivering equipment or advice on where to park.

Suitable locations for street parking are Culverden Park Road or Mount Ephraim (with time limits).  

For visitors invited to park in our staff basement car park (accessible at the end of the road before the estate- on the right hand side), please note the height restriction is 2.2 metres and that you must use a place allocated to the school which are located down the ramp and at the far end.  It may be necessary to double park so please be aware that your car may need to be moved throughout your visit.  Access to the school is via swipe card access control, so please call reception on 01892 739075 on arrival. 

The school has disabled visitor spaces with use of a lift which is available on request.