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David Hockney in Yr5 (4 images)

Lunchtime BBQ (15 images)

Pied Piper of Hamelin (71 images)

Cavell and Garrett London Trip - Gallery, Theatre and Houses of Parliament (50 images)

World Book Day 2017 (100 images)

More photos from World Book Day to come...

After School Club - Pancake Day (11 images)

Tower of London (107 images)

Victorian School - Year 2 (109 images)

Battle Abbey (59 images)

Compass Trip - Lister Class (23 images)

Chicks Visit (39 images)

Bennett Dance Show (32 images)

Young Voices - o2 (43 images)

Agility Festival Years 1 and 2 (22 images)

Just Us! (3 images)

Christmas Lunch (59 images)

Carol Concert 2016 (36 images)

Jenner Class - Before Christmas :-) (36 images)

Learning and Having Fun (19 images)

Enrichment Day - Big Me 14th October 2016 (102 images)

Sports Day (30 images)

Multi Skills Festival (35 images)

Street Dance Fridays (35 images)

Bodiam Castle Trip 2016 - Reception and Year 1 (115 images)

Cricket Tournament 2016 - Cavell Class (63 images)

Enrichment Day 06th May 2016 (50 images)

Maths Magician (31 images)

PFA - Sponsored Walk (42 images)

Harry Potter Book Day (77 images)

Nikki Martin - Harp Day (15 images)

Enrichment Day - Remembrance Day (41 images)

Fire Day 06.11.2015 (81 images)

Food Festival 2015 (26 images)

Fantasy Day 13th March 2015 (37 images)

World Book Day (59 images)

Roald Dahl

Pancake Day 2015 (12 images)

We spent the afternoon making delicious pancakes , racing pancakes and tossing pancakes. We also tried to toss a ball as high in the air as we could from the giant rainbow parachute pancake.

Young Voices O2 (21 images)

Danger Day (22 images)

Science Experiment Jenner Class (6 images)

Felicity Aston (6 images)

Enrichment Day - Puzzle Day (4 images)

The children played in teams taking part in problem solving and logical thinking activities.

Jenner Class Exploring the Americas (5 images)

Jenner class have been exploring the Americas as part of their Around the World in 35 Days theme.

TWFS Hot School Meals (6 images)

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of Hot School Meals. They have shown wonderful manners when asking for their choices and been very responsible in carrying their food to the table and clearing their plates. On top of that, they all have such good appetites!

A trip to the library (4 images)

The pupils enjoyed hearing a story and browsing books.

Nightingale Term 1 (33 images)

Continuing with our theme we plough the fields and scatter, we have been learning about where our food comes from. We have watched videos, read stories, created posters and tasted all sorts of foods and as a result the children are keen to tell every visitor about our Farm to Fork display and explain what they have learnt.

Jenner Class Term 1 (10 images)

Please take a look at what Jenner class has been up to in our first term.

Camp Out Day (6 images)

The children had a fun packed day last Friday for the first of our Enrichment Days: Camp Out Day.

Lister Class Common Trip (9 images)

Lister Class took a trip to the common on 7th October. We are hoping to use our observations and experiences to enhance our descriptive writing. We are gearing up for a big write on Thursday. We also made the most of the open space and had a few games of football and catch while we ate our snacks on the green.

Kent Life Trip (47 images)

Years 1 - 3 had a brilliant day at Kent Life. We took part in two workshops: Field to Fork and Where Does Our Food Come From. We fed the animals, rode on tractors, went into cuddle corner and looked around the Oast House.

Jenner Class 26th September (7 images)

This week Jenner class have been writing instructions for a smoothie recipe, listing and buying ingredients, making their smoothie and the best part - tasting it!

Lister Class (8 images)

Welcome to Lister Class. Please take a look at what we have been doing in our first two weeks.

Time Capsule (15 images)

What an exciting end to the term! Today we buried a time capsule under our new school. We filled it with lots of memories of our first year, with items chosen by governors, children and staff which represent our school's journey. It should stay in place for 100 years - so it will be our great, great grandchildren who get to open it and see how we lived in 2014. Thanks to Luca's dad for the fantastic photos!

The Wells Music Festival (33 images)

We gave Glastonbury a run for their money with The Wells first Music Festival. Parents, teachers and children shared their secret talents whether it be playing the banjo, the recorder or singing a song!

Sports day (20 images)

On Tuesday 29th July we had our first Wells sports day at Culverden Stadium. Children, parents and teachers had a wonderful day. Congratulations to everyone on competing well and showing great sportsmanship. Congratulations also to our winning house - Grosvenor!

Tunbridge Wells Common Visit (8 images)

On Friday 4th July we walked to Tunbridge Wells Common. We used our senses to explore, note and photograph the sights, smells and sounds so that we can recreate the Common in our playground, ready for our Music Festival on the 25th.

London Trip (10 images)

On our last day of term we caught the train up to London and then sailed along the Thames to take in all the sites.

New Building Site Visit (18 images)

We had the opportunity to visit the site where our new school will be built!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party (10 images)

On 11th April TWFS families and friends were invited to join us for our Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Parade.

The Wells Food Festival (6 images)

The children were delighted to share their culinary delights with the Wells' community. Parents were invited to taste a three course meal, prepared and cooked by the children.

Life at The Wells Free School (6 images)