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Year 2 – Jenner Class

Welcome to Jenner's class page.

Term 6

This term we will be continuing with our topic of ‘Go Green’. We will be looking at rainforests and oceans of the world, and its contrasting weather and geography.

We will be studying Christopher Columbus, his voyages and discovery of the West Indies. We will also learn how to read a compass and have a go at using a compass to navigate.

In our Literacy we will be looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, beginning with ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ and have planned some rainforest writing using imagery from the story. We are continuing to work on our reading comprehension skills this term and have weekly activities to challenge the children to think about what they are reading in greater depth. Also, we are continuing to practise the spelling common exception words and use of apostrophes, both to indicate missing letter (for example; is not- isn’t, could have- couldn’t) and to indicate possession (for example; Sam’s bag, the cat’s milk)

In addition to practising calculation skills, in Maths, we will be looking at measure, length, mass and capacity using  rulers, scales, thermometers, and comparing and ordering according to these measurements. We will also be spending some time looking at money, recognising £ & p as well as finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amount of money and solving simple problems in practical contexts involving adding money and giving change.

In Science we will study changes as humans develop from birth to old age, finding about the basic needs of animals including humans for survival.

Our class email is

This class email will be used to update you with information regarding the learning taking place in class each week, with ideas on how you can support learning at home.

You can also use this to contact me regarding your child’s learning. Please note that while we endeavour to answer emails as soon as possible, we will not be able to answer these at the weekend or evenings/holidays.

Any other enquiries e.g changes to collection arrangements, lost property, lunches, should be sent to the school office.

Please keep checking the school website, especially the school calendar for upcoming events.

Emma Jones & Anna Ellis