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Our school ethos has been developed around our four guiding principles – Wellbeing, Community, Purposeful Learning and Inclusion. It is our intention that these principles will guide the school to achieve our vision.

Overview of The Wells Free School

The Wells Free School is a small primary school with one class of 24 children per year group. Our school is defined by a focus on the wellbeing and individual achievement of children, strong community engagement, excellent teaching, genuinely purposeful learning and an inspiring creative curriculum. It is open to all and will support all pupils, regardless of their background, to achieve their full potential. TWFS will be distinctive in a number of ways taking a fresh look at education and pastoral system, and enhance the learning opportunities of the next generation.

  • Imaginative and flexible groupings, to achieve the best possible learning in all situations, and to facilitate strong emphasis on pastoral care.
  • A greatly enriched curriculum, both within the school day, and within the introduction of extended school provision.
  • High expectations of all members of TWFS and the wider community to actively be involved in, and feel ownership of the school.
  • Maximum and creative use of the outdoor environment for all ages.

Our Aspirations for the Children

We hope The Wells Free School children will be known for their inquiring minds, natural curiosity and love of learning; also for having the independence, motivation and thinking skills to conduct their own research and draw conclusions for themselves.

They will be knowledgeable, articulate and reflective and able to understand and express themselves confidently and creatively. In addition they will be confident to have a go at communicating in more than one language.

They will be open-minded with a willingness to understand not just their own cultures and traditions, but open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities. They will act with integrity and honesty and with a strong sense of fairness and justice.

TWFS pupils are taught to be caring and to develop empathy, compassion and respect towards others. Furthermore, by the time they move to secondary education, they will have developed a personal commitment to service and will be eager to volunteer and to make a positive difference to their community.

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