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Parent Survey 2014 Response

Response to The Wells Free School Parent Survey

July 2014

Firstly a big thank you to all the parents that took the time to complete our parent survey at the end of last term. In total 41 parents replied which represents a 61% response rate. We will be undertaking further parent surveys at least annually so you can continue to let us know how we are doing. In the meantime please do contact us if you wish to raise any issues on

Key Strengths  (Where over 90% of parents strongly agree or agree)

It is enormously pleasing that parents largely agree that the school is performing well in fundamentally important areas that are key to the founding ethos and vision for the school. We are delighted that parents share our view that children at The Wells Free School are valued as individuals, happy and safe and are benefitting from the breadth and balance of our creative curriculum. It’s also good to know that children are enjoying their hot school dinners!


My child is generally happy at school


My child feels safe in and around the school


The school has a clear understanding of my child’s individual needs


My child feels like a valued member of TWFS


My child is happy with the hot school meals


I am happy with the breadth and balance of the creative curriculum


I am happy with the trips and visits that have occurred this year


I would recommend The Wells Free School to another parent

This really is fantastic news and testament to all the hard work of the staff at the school and to you for your continuing support. Here is a small sample of the many positive comments received.

  • “There is a real buzz about the school, and a real sense of community and belonging which we love.”
  • “Lovely, happy, familiar learning and playing environment. My children have come on in leaps and bounds.”
  • “After learning first-hand what a school dreamt up and run by people who care can do, I am completely baffled by the negativity that can be shown towards such institutions by the media.”
  • “Excellent school. Excellent teachers. Excellent students. We love TWFS. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  The first year has been fantastic!!”
  • “I am so pleased we chose TWFS, we now know it was the best decision we have made for a while.”
  • “A big thank you to Ani Lawrence and her team for making learning both constructive and fun to do. Keep up the good work.”

Areas for Improvement (Where less than 75% of parents strongly agree or agree)

As we move into our second year we are looking at areas where improvements can be made and we take parental views very seriously.  We have concentrated on areas where parental satisfaction dipped below 75% and have worked with staff to develop the school response.  These actions form part of the School Development Plan 2014-2015 which will be monitored regularly by the governing body. I hope you will have noticed the impact of some of these changes already.

On the whole, where parent satisfaction has dipped it has been in areas that offer straightforward solutions which we are working on implementing as soon as possible.


I feel I know who’s who around the school

  • New staff to be introduced in the fortnightly newsletter
  • Staff noticeboard with photos to be displayed in the entrance hall


I am happy with the notice given & correspondence relating to events

  • Website calendar to be updated frequently
  • Parents to be given good notice of all school events and requirements


The school website provides me with the information I want and need

  • School website to become the first port-of-call for parents
  • Class information to be updated regularly
  • Photo gallery to be updated regularly
  • Newsletters to be added on a fortnightly basis


I am happy with the quality and content of parent information sessions

  • Autumn Term 2: Phonics (& handwriting) information session for parents to focus on how parents can best support children’s learning at home.
  • Autumn Term 2: Maths information session for parents to focus on how parents can best support children’s learning at home.


I am well informed about class systems and routines

  • Class timetables and information to be published on website under class pages
  • Open sessions timetabled for parents to come in and see classroom organisation in practice


I am happy with the level of outdoor provision given to my child

  • Continue to improve outdoor provision on-site
  • Put arrangements in place to share external sports facilities


I am happy with the style of the pupil-led learning conferences

  • Introduce at least one conference per year for parents only



The school regularly keeps me informed about my child’s progress

I am happy with the way my child’s progress is reported

  • Thrice yearly progress reports (2 parent conferences and 1 end of year report)
  • Open door policy to talk about progress as deemed necessary
  • explanatory documentation regarding how we report progress under a new “no levels” regime to be published on the website


A common theme that emerges from the results shows that work still needs to be done to improve communication between the school, parents and the wider world.  Governors and staff have worked together to devise a Communication Policy to clarify expectations of how school communication will work.

On behalf of the Governing Body we would like to thank Mrs Lawrence and her staff who work so hard to provide such a happy, creative, purposeful environment in which our children feel safe to learn and achieve their very best.

And thank you once again for your help with the questionnaire.

The Wells Free School Governing Body