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The Wells Free School

Medical Information for Parents

Please see below a very useful guide to common illnesses and how they should be treated.







Is My Child Too Ill For School?

Helpful information on when a child should be kept off school or shouldn’t, please click here.

School Nurse Team

This includes information on the service offered and contact details. Please see leaflet here.

First Aid and administering medicine

This is detailed in our school policy: here

Eat Well Plate

From the Department of Health to encourage healthy eating in families, click here.

Behaviour Handy Hints

Some handy hints on managing behaviour form the Solihull Approach, click here.

Get Ready for School Leaflet

Key areas that parents can work on developing before their child starts school. Please see leaflet here


How much sleep children need and sleep hygiene, for information please click here.

Head Lice

Information on spotting and treating head lice including the BugBuster kit, please click here.

ERIC – wee and poo before you go to school

Helping parents to ensure their child is ‘toilet ready’ for school. Please click here for information. 

Talking to Children About Feelings

Practical tips for parents/carers on how to emotional support their children, click here.


Advice for bedwetting, please click here for information.